"When The Senators Left Town" by Thomas Ponton (copyright 1998)

as seen in The Washington Times and PG Journal last spring...

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When the Senators played it always seemed sunny
And you could go to the park and not spend much money
There was Howard, Epstein, Pasqual, McMullen
Brinkman, Stroud, Unser, Tim Cullen
Coleman, Casanova, Bosman, Jim French
And Knowles and Grezenda would come off of the bench
But the memories are jaded - my spirits still down
Since '71 when the Senators left town

To root for the team was like going to Confession
'Cause the last time they won it was before the depression
Sure there were chances but they went north with the Twins
And we were stuck with a new team that recorded few wins
>From the stands we'd all watch and seldom complain
Except when they traded for ole' Denny McLain
We had our team spirit which nothing would drown
"Til '71 when the Senators left town

Now Boston had a curse and Chicago the blues
But only the Senators knew how to lose
And we can recall that very last game
When the fans took the field - oh, what a shame
And Mike Kekich served up a gopher ball pitch
And Frank Howard slammed out that son of a *****
In that moment they were special - a team of reknown
'Til the very next day when the Senators left town

So I can recall when we wore our red hats
And cheer and drink beer and pull for the Nats
But my thoughts are now distant and hopeless they seem
For Angelos will surely block any new team
Maybe Collins will get lucky - let's hope he can do
And DC baseball will be back for a year maybe two
But I continue to sit back with my ever-lastin' frown
For my childhood ended when the Senators left town.

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