Big Bruno inside television and the cinema

Vaious celebrities liked to pose with Big Bruno. Here they are.

Photo of Willard Scott and Ed Walker of "The Joy Boys"

Photo of Brett Butler of "Grace Under Fire"

Photo of Soupy Sales of "The Soupy Sales Show"

Photo of Jamie Farr who played "Klinger" on the tv show "Mash"

Photo of Sid Bernstein who brought The Beatles to America

Photo of Mike Wallace of "60 minutes"

Photo of James "Book'm Danno" McArthur of "Hawaii Five-O""

Photo of Bernie Kopell of "The Love Boat"

Photo of Bob Wright who is Chariman and CEO of NBC

Photo of Robert Vaughn of "The Man from UNCLE"

Photo of Karen Black, actress

Photo of June Lockhart of "Lassie & Lost in Space"

Photo of Edd "Kookie" Burns of "77 Sunset Strip" and "Grease"

Photo of Andy Rooney of "60 Minutes"

Photo of Robin Williams Actor and comedian both in televisiona and in the movies

Photo of The Waltons Big Bruno poses with the cast.

Photo of Wallace Langham and Daryl Mitchell - Cast on "Veronica's Closet" (Met them at Warner Brother's lot)

Photo of Dan Cortese - Cast on "Veronica's Closet" (Met him at Warner Brother's lot)

Photo of WUSA/CBS TV News Washington DC's WUSA Channel 9 Eyewitness News Team (Beverly Burke)

Photo of WRC/NBC TV News Washington DC's WRC Channel 4 TV News Team

Photo of Lea Thompson NBC Magazine

Photo of Ed Walker Washington DC's own local TV host

Photo of Tiffany Taylor Ms. November 1998 Playboy Centerfold

Photo of Bonnie Phillips DJ from Oldies 100.3 FM

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